Components of the Direct Toyota TPMS System

The system is fitted to the following vehicles in line with NHTSA requirements: 4 Runner (2005-9), Avalon (2006-9), Camry (2007-9), Corolla (2007-9), FJ Cruiser (2009), Highlander (2007-9), Land Cruiser (2005-9), Matrix (2007-9), Prius (2007-9), RAV4 (2006-9), Sequoia (2005-9), Sienna (2007-9), Solara (2006-9), Tacoma (2005-9), Tundra (2005-9), and Yaris (2007-9). It comprises the following components on Toyota vehicles:

  • A direct TPM sensor fitted to the back of the valve stem on each wheel.
  • A TPM Warning Light
  • A Tire Pressure Monitor ECU
  • Antenna(s)

The manufacturers of the Toyota TPMS are TRW Automotive and Pacific Industrial Corp.

Indirect Toyota TPMS

Toyota vehicles Sienna (pre-2006), Camry Solara (2004-6), Highlander (2004-7), Corolla (2005-7), and Matrix (2005-7) used an indirect or ABS type TPMS. This system uses the existing wheel speed sensors in the antilock brake system (ABS). The system monitors tire pressures by comparing relative wheel speeds. As the pressure in a tire falls the diameter of the tire reduces causing it to turn faster than the other wheels on the car. This difference can be seen by the wheel speed sensors and communicated to the skid control ECU. These systems require the relearning of the rotational parameters of each tire when the tires are replaced, rotated or repaired. Toyota have fitted a TPMS Reset switch for this purpose.

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Components of the Direct Kia TPMS System